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Scholarship Opportunity at the University of Chester for Bangladeshi Students

:: Great Scholarship Opportunity :: @ :: 2000 GBP – Available to all international students applying for Masters’ degree. :: 1000 GBP (per year) – Available to all international students applying for Bachelor degrees. :: All meritorious students are also entitled to obtain additional 2533 GBP scholarship. :: Students can also take advantage of the 500 GBP Full Fee Payment Award For details info please call us on +880 1971554455, +880 1681888880 or, Visit – :: University of Chester at a glance ! At Chester, students can get involved in a number of fantastic volunteering opportunities, Chester students have been involved in activities such as planning and managing charity events, mentoring young people and giving advice at the Citizens Advice Bureau. Student Ambassador and Global Guide schemes are very popular with many of Chester international students. What do they do? They act as tour guides at University Open Days; represent Chester a
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UK immigration has 'stopped trying to catch illegal immigrants'

The UK's opposition Labour Party has accused the government of presiding over an immigration system in chaos. The shadow home secretary, Yvette Cooper, told the House of Commons that the government was complacent and said that the government's 'only answer to illegal immigration is to get a man in a van to drive round in circles with a poster asking if they'd mind going home'. Ms Cooper was speaking in parliament after the UK's National Audit Office (NAO) released a report into the working of the UK's Border Force; the body with responsibility for policing the UK's 138 ports, airports and international rail termini. The report stated that the Border Force had had its staff cut by 6% between 2010 and 2013 by the Coalition government. It stated that this had resulted in the Border Force having to make difficult choices in its policing of the border. Passport queues down The report stated that a new 'real-time staff deployment model' at Heat

Tighter rules for student visas could cost UK £2.4bn in a decade

Research suggests more students are choosing to study in the US and Canada and that the change cannot easily be reversed. The government’s hardening of international student visa rules could cause long-term damage to Britain’s universities and cost £2.4bn over the next decade, a study claims. Research by Universities UK, which lobbies on behalf of British higher education, warns that the visa restrictions may mean many more overseas students choose to study in the US and Canada rather than the UK, taking £350m a year in lost revenue with them. “Such a change would not be easily reversed and, as seen in other higher education systems, the effects can endure across several academic years,” the group says in its annual report, published on Wednesday. The research cites the recent experience of Australia tightening its student visa rules, with the value of Australia’s higher education earnings falling 5% between 2010 and 2011. “This could put the UK’s strong position